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Lady "CRIES OUT" after she paid "230k" for an iPhone, only to receive a FAKE android phone (Photo)

It is now common buying items online, however, there are advantages towards such move, albeit, one should be careful as to which online vendor you're making a purchase. A lady however has cried out after she paid 230,000 Naira for an iPhone, only for her to receive a fake android version phone. The video nonetheless surfaced the internet, which was taken by mediagist on instagram.

In the video which was uploaded, it was heard the lady crying out, in rage that she paid for an iPhone 11 and got a package, inside it was a fake android version phone which she lamented that the camera was nothing to write about, as she noted that the phone has play store which an iPhone shouldn't have. The last who rained heavy and strong words to the online vendor said that he should refund back the money to her, and collect the phone she received, and if it's not done that way, it won't be safe for the person.

Furthermore, according to reports, it was gathered that the phone she requested under normal price cost 650,000 Naira, but was sold to her at that cheap rate. What an unbelievable world, could it been as a result of the lady attempting to get the phone at a cheaper rate, what's your opinion towards this, put your thoughts in the comment section below and share to others, as one should be careful when purchasing items online.

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