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Free Skills: How to create 3d logo designs Using your smartphone.

The aim of this Free Tutorial is to reach out to all students out there, I know what many of us are actually passing through out there, it has not be easy staying at home for like 4 Months now.

Many of us are not privileged to go out to work or to learn work.

Here i offer you one of the skills that fetches me money using my Smartphone.

Incase you don't know how useful and important your Smartphone is to fetch you money.

In this article, I will be teaching you all how to make 3d logo Using your Phone.

Firstly Go to Play store and download the app called PIXELLAB.

Once you Download and install the app, it shows you this.

What do you need to do?

1. insert the Text you wish to Use.

2. Go to Size and Increase the Text.

3. Click on Fonts and choose any of your choice, this Fonts aspect is very important as it beautifies your work

4. Choose the type of Colour you want to use.

5. Click on 3d Text and Turn on The 3d And don't expand too much. See the picture above for example.

When you're done, You can as well Choose to make use of Shadows , Reflection , Bending E.t.c Everything is therefore on the app.

The application is a very one to use, Although you can't perfect Everything in just a day.

After selecting all that you need , Clicl the 4th Option down the app after doing that You will see SELECT FROM GALLERY, clicking that you choose the kind of background you wish to use for your Design.

After choosing your background, You get something like this.

Always make sure your text tallies with the background.

As you can see the Text here is not straight with the background as it's bent.

Always work on that.

How do you make that happen??

Make use of the Rotation button and others ways to Bend the text.

Once you make the Bendings and all, You get this.

Fantastic Right??

This could be done for people with atleast 2k, So you can see that your Phone can as well generate Money for you.

There's still much to learn, All you have to do is to Follow me up so as to learn More of something like this.

I hope this helps Someone.

Drop your comments if you like this or you need to ask a question

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