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Advice To All Opera News Creator And A Big Shout Out To Opera News Users For This One Thing

Somethings in life are worth showcasing such as goals, dreams and sometimes achievement.

Showcasing the above mentioned in some cases does not simply means that you are bragging or boasting about it just as some people sees it.

However, there are certain calibre of people who boast and brags about things out of ignorance and pride.

Here in this article, I decided to showcase my recent clicks and engagement of my first article for this month, and to say a big thank you to all Opera News users who contributed in one way or the other in reading, commenting and sharing my most recent post titled "How To Adjust Your Generator Carburetor And Use One Litre Of Fuel For At Least 3 Hours", which got me more than 15000 clicks and a 100 plus shares and comment in less than 5 hours.

I know that, there are some writers articles that gets double and even tripple of what I'm posting here, but I'm posting this not for boasting nor competition but simply out of happiness, because as a new Opera news creator I didn't actually expect such clicks especially the new followers and engagements that I got from this particular post.

Before now, I used to have this false beliefs that if you are not a long standing creator on the opera News platform and also have more than a thousand followers, there is no way your articles will get much reach or clicks and even engagement.

This particular article has proofed me wrong on that notion, and it is the first article I've ever spent time to create and also work on the originality aspects of it.

Taking a closer look at the second image of the article, you will all get to realise that the picture I used there for the second carburetor was not a downloaded image from net, but it's a picture that I took with my phone using my old carburetor.

This is to show that originality is the key to all good and successful article just as Opera News has been stressing and laying emphasis on.

Therefore my advice to all Opera News hub creator both old and new one is that 'Always try to be original in your work, as only originality can make your work, articles and whatsoever you are doing to sow like an eagle.

Finally, I want to say a big shout out to all Opera News users that got my article engaged with likes, clicks, comments and shares, and to all those who follows me on this blog and post.

I love you all and God Bless you.


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