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5 Probably Cursed Book Apps You Shouldn't Think Of Downloading

Hello guys, I was making some inquiries or maybe some research on apps lately and I discovered some harming apps on the Google play store and web at large. If you didn't know about the apps you may easily bump on one of the apps and download it one day which may be very harmful. In this article I will dropping some applications you should not think of downloading.

5, How to Summon Angels on Earth

The book app contains some powerful spell that he claimed can used to summon angels down to earth and his claims turn out to be true because some of the app review testified that it works, not everyone can withstand seeing an Angel physically, pls don't download the app.

4, Ultimate Grimoire

This app contains some bad things that can be harmful to the reader, even the real published book is like 5 times more harmful, so people that has the book complained that the book do fly in the room on it own.

Note: Grimoire means a book of spell.

3, 6,7 & 8 Book of Moses

This is another very powerful book app, it contains a lot of black magics and spell which can be very disastrous if tried for fun, it is way better not to download it.

2, Powerful Magic Spells

This is a spell book, it contains some harmful spells that nobody should think of trying, it transmits a spirit to the reader that will want the reader to try some of the spell.

1, Black Magic - Free Magic Spells

This a very scary app, it contains some series of magic that are harmful and shouldn't be tried for fun, even if you mean what you are doing just know that magic is never the best option, by just checking the app reviews you will already know that something is behind the app, some people even complained that they started feeling someone behind them after reading the app.

Pls don't let us risk ourselves, trying may be harmful sometimes.

I have never believe magics and spells are real until I came across some of these books, they are real, BEWARE.

Did you think those apps are really harmful? Pls drop your views.

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