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3 Superhero Gadgets Which Actually Exist.

So superheroes are real? Not quite, but kind of sort of some people can start a fire by channeling the electrical energy in their bodies. There are a rich billionaire genius just waiting for a tragedy to become the villain but nothing to the scale or imagination that the comics portray, but that's not to say that they're any less amazing. Here are 3 superhero gadgets that actually exist.

3. Real life. Dr. Octopus suitA classic villain from the Spider-Man universe. Dr. Octopus has one of the coolest gadgets around. I'd love to get my hands on the four tentacled artificially sentient Doctor Octopus suit. The tentacles are strong enough to keep him suspended in air, climb up or down the side of skyscrapers or rip a bank vault door right off their hinges like he was tearing a piece of paper from a notebook. I've dreamt of owning those arms since I was a kid, but who am I kidding? I still do so that I fell upon this. I felt compelled to share. Check this thing out now, I know he's not climbing sky high buildings or ripping buses in half, but we have to start somewhere and this is a dang good start. The Prototype isn't completely useless in its current state. It's capable of assisting and lifting and manipulating small logs for which they use to test the functions and capability of the hundreds of tiny Motors that control this thing.

The funny thing of all this is that It all started from The inspirations of Comic-Con. It went from a show stopping power house to fully functioning limbs. The craziest thing about it and if I'm being honest a little scary is that this super-awesome Doc Ock suit was built by none other than a genius teenage millionaire.

2. Real life Echo Location

Echolocation is the use of sounds for the purposes of sight or location. Many animals have this ability, the bat, the dolphin. Daredevil is blind and has this ability as well and he still kicks butt. Humans aren't associated with this capability at least it's become so phased out now that we're totally reliant on our eyes that we don't remember how to even do it.

That changed with Daniel Kish who uses vocal clicks to navigate the world and I'm not kidding Daniel travels the world using his method and teaching his method to others for their benefit. Other instructors also have helped spread the new method that's assisting and helping the blind to navigate the world with greater precision. So yes, this man is wandering the world and teaching people how to use echolocation or Flash sonar as dubbed by Mr. Kish to give you a sense of the challenge Mr. Kish faced while he was developing this new skill. There are millions upon millions of books regarding sight, trying to regain sight and there just are a ton of books on sight, but you couldn't fill a rack about the studies of echolocation. It's as if the human race just didn't care to use it anymore.

1. The Human Torch. This has to be the most incredible thing I've read or researched in a long time. A very select group of individuals have put in the time and effort and training to focus their chi and to enough of a spark to start a fire. You've heard of this before right by focusing on Chi or an electrical energy system within the human body one can produce heat strength and even fire. Only a master of chi can achieve this. A few amounts of people in the world are still able to do it and it's an incredible feat. I've traveled all over Asia and I've seen this magnificent feat firsthand. It's real it's, strange and it's pretty darn cool though. There are a little explanations about the nature of this mystical art other than a physical awareness of the self that is unparalleled but often attributed to none other than meditation.

As you can see the stories and magic of the past is the science of tomorrow where there are wild and radical ideas today. There are people in another time saying hey, we can do this now and it would be awesome. The better question to ask is whether or not any inventions of the past were inspired by the great stories and magic of their own path.

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