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Two android applications you can use together and create professional cartoon videos for free

In our world today, technology has offered us the opportunity to do many things and make money easily. Technology has also created ways to make life easier and fun.

Animated videos are one of the things from technology that offer fun and money making opportunities to a maker.

Due to the high skill techniques required to make animated cartoon videos from scratch many people that are interested in creating their animated cartoon stories shy away from it.

Thanks to Technology and software developers who make out time to solve this issue of making animated cartoon videos from scratch by creating simple software applications that can solve the issue.

There are many animated cartoon video making applications out there. In this article you'll learn about two applications that you can use to make cartoon videos.

The difference between these applications is that they have different characters.

One can be used to create still characters that can talk, express its emotion with body language and make body movements, but it cannot walk around.

The second one can talk and walk around, but lack a better feature offered by the first one when it come to still images and emotional expressions.

Below are the wonderful applications

Plotagon Story

With plotagon story you can make beautiful animated cartoon videos. Plotagon story can tell your stories and copy your imaginations through its high level voice functions, body language, emotional expressions and body movements.

You can also choose a beautiful setting for your cartoons, create character and give it the looks and voice you like.

Plotagon story application is on play store.


With Toonastic you can create animated cartoon videos with many beautiful setting and colourful types of cartoons that posses many features and actions.

You can move your cartoons around while the application records your voice.

Toonastic is on play store.

Combining the applications to make better cartoon videos

If you have the knowledge of video editing you can understand the necessity of using these apps together to create professional cartoon videos by cutting and adding scenes.

You can use Plotagon story for still images and use Toonastic for moving images.

For instance, you could create a scene of images walking on a street with Toonastic and create scenes of still images talking to each others with Plotagon story.

All you need is a video editing app to cut and add scenes.

Hope you understand the whole stuff? You can add your opinion too.

Content created and supplied by: Yor-vester (via Opera News )



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