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I tried to use Google Map to locate my girlfriend's house and this happened(fiction).

I drove myself to robbers hideout while trying to use Google Map for direction and what happened thereafter is still like a dream to me. 

It all started when I met a very pretty girl on social media and we started charting, we eventually became friends and I decided to pay her a visit. I asked for her address, she sent it to me, it was 1 hour drive from the town, so I decided to drive down with the help of Google Map. 

People have been talking about using Google Map for direction, I've never used it before, so I made up my mind to give it a trial. But it didn't work out as I planned. 

That faithful Saturday morning, I finished washing my car and I called my new girlfriend that I will see her in the next 1 hour, she asked me to be calling her regular for directions but the pride in me didn't let me do that, I told her not worry that I'm going to make use of Google Map to locate her house. I didn't know that the devil has planned to finish me that day. 

That's how I started going oh, with my phone, Google Map was leading me and I was following until I saw a compound in my front, there was no road by the right nor left but the Google Map was still telling me to turn left, I became confused but I summoned up courage to get to the compound, thinking I'll see someone to ask for direction, but something happened. 

I drove to the compound and I saw thick guys with red eyes, they were heavily armed, then I knew I've gotten myself into trouble, I drove myself to a den of robbers. I tried to reverse, before I could do that, two of them were already inside my car, it was not funny at all, they collected all the money with me. 

It didn't end there, they led me to the town and forced me to withdraw the last money in my account. 

I managed to drive home safely but my new girlfriend is angry that she waited for me but I didn't show up, I have tried to explain but she didn't believe my story, what should I tell her now? I don't want to loose her. Please drop your advice at the comment section, thanks. 

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