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My Dream For Nigeria in 2050

Nigeria has the potential to be fastest growing and largest African economy By 2050. The country can potentially increase its national gross domestic product by 2050. However, Nigeria will realize this possibility when it can diversify it's economy away oil and strengthen its democratic institutions and national infrastructures.

Here I dropped few things I think will likely change in Nigeria by 2050.

1. Population Control

with Nigeria's population growing at more than 3% year, Nigeria authorities are offering free planning method and advice to Nigerian Families in an effort to slow population growth.

2. Education

In 2050, at least 90 percent of the students population will be pursuing online degree programmes. Education will be truly democratised and globalised, with students unhindered by age, social, geographical or national boundaries.

3. Healthcare

By 2050, the data revolution we have long been promised in healthcare will be established. Patients will have full access to their medical records and many will have 'expect systems' that use data from their medical records to support them to lead healthy lifestyles and manage their long-term conditions.

4. Electricity (Energy)

By 2050, Sustainable high renewable energy uptake approach which can ensure electricity cost stability and maintain system security - that is provide enough electricity at all times to make sure there is never a risk of the 'Lights among out'. The sustainable energy scenarios are 100% possible. Which will project for proven technologies, and are economically competitive with business which will increase job creation.

5. Road Network

By 2050, Nigeria's road network will be thing that Nigerians Will celebrate. With Federal Government working to build a modern standard road that are designed to carry buses, cars and goods vehicles; the road network generally will forms the most basic level of transport infracture within urban area, and will link with all other area, both within and beyond the boundaries of the urban area Which will ease social interaction, security measures, mobility and economic.

6. Technology

According to Forbes, by 2020, IoT technology will be in 95% of electronics for new product designs. And by 2050 it is expected to have everything connected to the cloud and to the internet. I believe, Nigeria will be among the country that will be highly technological come 2050.

As a passionate citizen of Nigerian, I believe some things named above will change Come 2050. Please, This article is base on my personal opinion about Nigeria.

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Thank You.

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