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Hacker(s) takes control Bill Gates' and others Twitter accounts to pull bitcoin scam.

Hacker takes control of Bill gates', Elon Musk's, Joe Bidden's and more's twitter accounts to pull bitcoin scam.

Cryptocurrency came about with the advent of fintech (financial technology). Cryptocurrency and forex trading have become major means of portfolio diversification asides real estate and stock market trading in recent times. Bitcoin has become one of the most known cryptocurrency and any crypto trader would most likely mention it within a 5 minute conversation.

Less than an hour ago Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft), Elon Musk (CEO Tesla), Joe Bidden jr(politician), Kanye West (Rapper),Barrack Obama (former US president) amongst other prominent personalities in the USA had their twitter accounts hacked. Tweets were sent out from the verified accounts of these prominent personalities asking that people send bitcoins to a particular Bitcoin wallet with the promise that it'd be sent back doubled. People started to send in their bitcoins unknowing to them that the accounts had been hacked. It hasn't been ascertained whether it's an act on a single hacker or a group.

Twitter soon tweeted to confirm that there has been a breach in their system. And spokes person of Bill Gates tweets that the offer wasn't made by Bill Gates.

The tweets seem to have been taken off Twitter to prevent more people from falling victim. But here are screenshots taken before then. It's speculated that the hacker(s) made away with about $7.8 million. 

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