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Settings You Should Fix in Your Phone to Make Your Battery Last Longer

Without proper maintenance of gadgets, their lives can become short. Mobile phones are no exception. The batteries of our phones have limited lives and if we take proper care of our phone, it can last longer. Undoubtedly, usage of the phone is an important factor in its life but there are several settings that we can tweak easily to make sure our phone battery lasts longer.

Adjust the Brightness

One of the quickest and most obvious settings to adjust in order to improve the life of your phone battery is to adjust the brightness. Whenever you turn on your phone, it automatically sets your brightness to maximum, but you need to manually adjust it to a lower, more acceptable level. You can also use the automatic brightness feature to ensure that your phone adjusts the brightness levels automatically as per the conditions of the environment.

Switch to Extra Battery Saver

Several Android phones come with their own battery saver which can help in extending the life of your phone battery. You just have to enable the feature from the settings, and your phone will automatically switch to the battery saver mode if the battery level drops below a certain threshold.

Turn Off Unnecessary Features

Long lives of phone battery are highly related to the features that one has switched on in his phone. For instance, if you have usual features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data connection and location enabled on your phone, then these features tend to consume a lot of power and reduce the life of your phone battery. So, it would be wise to switch off all the features that you don’t need while you are not using them to make sure that your phone battery lasts longer.

Reduce the Refresh Frequency

If you are an active user of social media platforms, you can reduce the frequency of your app’s refresh time to reduce the power consumption by your phone. This means, if you have a refresh time set as 30 minutes, you can reduce it to one hour to reduce the power consumption of your phone.

Limit the Automatic Syncing

It is quite natural for us to have accounts for our most commonly used apps connected to our phones. We also have the option to have data from these apps syncing automatically with our phones. But since these are services that need a constant connection, they tend to consume a lot of power when enabled; hence, try to sync data manually to save on battery life.

Use Dark Wallpapers

This may sound funny as it doesn’t sound like a necessary tweak in settings, but it actually can be helpful. If you have a dark wallpaper on your phone, it won’t light up the whole screen and so there will be less power consumption.

Keep Your Apps Updated

It is suggested by many tech blogs that if you keep your apps up to date, then less power consumption will occur, as the latest versions of most apps are more optimized. And also, most updates include power consumption improvements.

With today’s technology, it is evident that one needs to be patient with the performance of his gadgets, especially with phones and their batteries. Battery life of phones can be further increased by following the mentioned settings. Technology can be confusing and tedious at times, but it is worth the effort to save money and make our phones last longer.

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