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Before Coming To Nigeria, These Are The 9 Countries Where Starlinks Company Has Offered Its Service

Starlinks, the satellite Internet company owned by Elon Musk recently announced plans to open shop in Nigeria. The company which deploys high level technology to countries through its satellite infrastructure, offers affordable internet services to its customers who are predominantly based in the most developed countries in the world.

The company aims to blanket the earth with internet connectivity from a constellation of satellites, and has launched multiple batches in recent months.

Prior to coming to the biggest black nation in the world, Starlinks have already pitched their operational tents in 9 countries. Russia could have made it 10, but there the culture of rivalry between America and Russia still exists, so Elon Musk was ordered to pull out from the country.

The countries that have hosted Starlinks operations includes;

1) North America

2) Canada

3) United Kingdom


5) Poland

6) France

7) Austria

8) New Zealand

9) Australia

The countries listed above are still one step away from enjoying the real deal, as the services being provided are still in "beta" stages.

That not withstanding, the services seems too notch but the fear that Starlinks could render the other companies that offer just about Tue same services, less fashionable and some in some cases could make many if them go extinct.

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