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Health Effects Of Mobile Phones And Its Dangers While On Charge

The electromagnetic radiations of mobile phone have a deep and harmful effect on your health. The consequences of enjoying this luxury are real.

You should avoid sleeping with your phone right beside your head, making and receiving calls while your mobile phone is on charge.

Check out these health effects of mobile phones radiations:

1, Cancer: Mobile phones increase the risk of getting brain cancer or tumors. The rays are very harmful to your mind and body.

2. Affects children: We already know that all mobile devices especially smart phones have some bad influence on some kids.

Also, the usage of mobile phones has a greater risk of causing brain tumors in teenagers. You need to pay attention and make your children quit the habit of being too engrossed to mobile phone.

3. Male fertility: Many research studies showed the impact of mobile phone radiation on male sperm quality.

Radiofrequency and electromagnetic radiation have harmful effects on male fertility.

A lot of people are in the habit of making or receiving phone calls while on charge. This is very dangerous as its after-effects are sorrowful and heartbreaking.

Here are the dangers of using a phone while charging:

1. Overheating: If you keep using your phone while charging it, it will become prone to overheating – a problem that could cause the harmful chemicals present in the battery to leak, which could cause the battery to explode or the phone could switch off permanently.

2. Creates A Bulge: Using your phone while it is charging can cause the battery to expand in size which will eventually lead to the battery exploding. If you feel a slight bump at the back of your phone, there are good chances that its battery has started to bulge already.

3. Affects Charging Capacity: While the battery of your phone can last for at least 18 hours after being fully charged, always using it while charging will spoil the battery, so eventually, you might get just 7 hours of battery life after it is fully charged.

4. Great harm to yourself: You are at risk of electrocuting yourself while using your phone when it’s charging. You can lose your life if your battery explodes or you get a severe electric shock.

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