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Do these 7 things to make your life easier

Technology has made the world easier, which has led to the production of machines and equipment.

In addition to the advantages we all derived from technology, many people has came up with some more advanced way we can use or manipulate our household appliances which will lower our cost of maintaining them. 

After reading this article, you will agree with me that manipulating our household appliances will make our life easier and simple. This will be of a great advantage to students and reduce the cost of maintaining our kitchen appliances. 

1. This will be more useful to some students.

2. The production of popcorn is made easy with this method.

3. Make some chocolate bars easily at home. 

4. It is very easy to make watermelon juice at home, if you can adopt this method.

5. Peeling of an apple is made easy with this method.

6. Clear the scratches on your phone with toothpaste. 

7. Charge your phone this way to prevent it from falling.

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