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Speed Up Charging: Secrets To charge Android Phone Faster.

Speed Up Charging: Secrets To charge Android Phone Faster.

Today am going to show you some cool secrets that can make your phone charge much faster. The Secrets are:

1. Turn Off Your Phone While Charging.

Power off your phone while charging your device, it will definitely charge much faster because nothing is working on your phone except the phone is getting charged, there is no kind of battery drainage, with that, your phone will charge more faster.

2. Put Your Device On Airplane Mode.

Once you put your device on airplane mode, it disables all the network connection, your phone will charge much faster. Once your phone is on network mode, then it keeps on searching for the network connection, and it basically drains the battery much faster.

3. Remove The Back Cover. 

If you are having a back cover as a protection for your smartphone, remove it and you will definitely find drastic improvement in the charging speed, that's because every smartphone has Lithium-Ion battery, while heating up, it charges slow.

4. Don't Charge Your Phone While It's Connected on your Laptop.

The phone won't charge so fast as when it's connected to a socket. This is because your USB Cord has a low voltage so that your phone will charge much slower.

5. Don't Use A Small Charger.

Stop the use of small local charger. It depreciates the battery and also slows the charging speed. It basically harm your phone Make sure you use the charger and cable which has been provided in the box of your smartphone or you can use any branded charger but don't use the locally branded charger.

These are tips you can try on your Android phone while charging your device, and with the help of these, you can basically see a change in the charging time, and your phone will charge much faster if you try this tips out on your Android smartphone

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