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HTML Is Not A Programming Language. What Is It Then?

Do you know the text you're seeing right now is HTML code read and interpreted by the browser to you? Yes. HTML is not a programming language as it is mistaken by many people. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Therefore,HTML is a Markup Language. It is the language used for the building blocks of a web page. It contains series of elements that tell the browser how to display the code. So, most likely,this text must have been wrapped in HTML <p><\p> tag. Yes,you code HTML,but it is not a programming language.

How do you now identify a programming language?

A programming language is a language used to write instructions for the computer to carry out. Below are the features of a programming language:

1. It can carry out Mathematical operations: Take for example, the <p><\p> tags in HTML used for structuring a paragraph text. If you add 2 + 3 inside the tag,it gives you back your 2 + 3.

Meanwhile, in programming languages such as Python, 2 + 3 returns 5.

2. It can't perform logic: A programming language must be able to perform logical operations. If, else, else if. If this is true, do this, else, do this. HTML can't do that.

3. No functions,loops,no programming tasks

Example of programming languages that have those features are:

- Python

- JavaScript


- Java

- Ruby, etc

HTML is the first language into starting a web development career. It is used alongside CSS, JavaScript and some other back end languages like Django, MySQL to make a fully functioning website.

Do you want to learn how to make a website? Why not start today by learning HTML first?

How to learn HTML.

HTML could be learned by reading books. I recommend HTML & CSS by Jon Duckett

You could also use websites like,


YouTube videos : Just search HTML5 crash course and you're good to go. You could check from Traversy Media, Mike Dean, and many others all on YouTube.

Have any questions? Ask in the comment section below.


Content created and supplied by: Oluwanifise (via Opera News )

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