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How to know if someone used your phone in your absence and what they checked

Lets say you have to be away from your phone and you left to sit on the table with maybe friend, family or coworker. But after coming back, you noticed that the phone was not in the same position or place as you left it. 

If you will like to know that apps that were opened in your absence and what time they were open, just follow this steps:

Now, if you wanna know that at what time your phone was used and which apps had been opened in your absence, you can easily do that.

Step 1: Go to you call dialer.

Step 2: press this combinations on you call dialer.


From the drop down, you will see

Phone information

User Statistics

Wi-Fi Information

CMAs test alerts

Step 3: select usage statistics.

From here come you will be able to see the apps that were opened and the time they were

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