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Check Out 4 Ways To Fix Common Smartphone Problems

There are some common smartphone problems you don't need to give a technician to solve for you. You can just sit in the comfort of your home and take care of some basic smartphone issues. In this article, I will be discussing some common smartphone problems and the best way to tackle them.

Faulty Apps

If your phone is slowing down it might not be because of a general issue, but a couple of faulty apps. To troubleshoot any app, go to settings > apps and notifications, choose the troublesome app and tap on storage and cache. Under storage and cache, you will be faced with two options: clear cache and clear data.

First, try choosing a clear cache to erase temporary files that the app has stored on your phone. Clearing cache won't mess with the app's settings but it may not be enough to solve your issue.

If clearing cache doesn't help, select clear data to erase all the app's information and start from scratch.

Poor Battery Life

In Android, you can check out how much battery each app uses in the Apps & notification menu, or you can check general battery usage by clicking on battery in the phone settings. And just after you identify the battery sucking apps on your phone, remove them from your phone to see if the problem clears up.

Network Issues

Your phone is not always to be blamed if you have network issues, it could be that you are in a dead spot where there is no signal or you are at home and other devices are also struggling to connect to the internet. Sometimes a call to your network provider could be the next step to getting everything working again.

Google Is Your Friend

In situations where you have a problem with your device and you are confused about what to do. Resorting to the internet might be the best option for you as you will find people with similar problems and finding a solution won't be a problem.

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