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See these amazing objects you probably may not believe are spying cameras.

Nothing in this world can remain on a spot forever. Technology has helped to reshape our environments and with the pace science and technology are moving now, I don't think there is anything impossible to build or invent and this tells us what we should be expecting in the near future.

These cameras I am about to show you will help you have a rethink and how to put your actions under control when going for a visitation in rich men's home or any big organization because they might actually be spying on you.

1. Spy camera pen.

This is highly amazing to have a camera inbuilt into a writing pen. This spying camera can be easily stuck to your chest pocket and record any event for a maximum of one hour without anyone knowing you are spying on them. That means at the expiration of one hour, your camera will automatically stop. This type of camera always come with a chargeable USB port.

2. Waterproof action camera glasses.

Most of us have seen a camera like this in foreign movies, but I want to tell you they do exist in real life. This waterproof camera glasses have camera embedded within its lens which will undoubtedly afford the person putting it on to secretly record suspicious movements or actions without anyone noticing. in addition, as the name suggest, it is both a waterproof and dust proof camera.

3. Hidden camera wall clock.

Is it not so amazing to know that some wall clocks are actually designed to serve as spying cameras? Therefore, not all wall clock are actually wall clock. You can place the clock at any angle of your house and it will keep on recoding real time event. Some of them always come with rechargeable port and inbuilt battery combined. They can have WiFi connector and motion detector which will send alert of strange movements to your phone anywhere you are. They can have a 90 degree field of view.

4. Hidden camera speakers.

Do you know you can be enjoying cool music and still be monitoring what is going on around you?. This type of spying cameras are placed inside Bluetooth speakers and can have a rotation of 170 degree to both sides. It can also come with a WiFi connector and motion detector.

5. Wireless camera photo frame.

A photo frame holding a camera? As unbelievable as this may sound, I want to tell you it actually exist. You can place the photo frame at any corner of your house and the camera inside will be recording real time events. It can also come with a rechargeable battery.

6. WiFi light bulb camera.

It should not come as a thing of surprise to us that some light bulbs can actually spy on us. This light bulb camera can be placed anywhere and people will think its just a normal light bulb not knowing its actually recording their movements. Amazing facts about camera like this is that they usually have 360 degree field of view which means they can rotate round and record at any possible angle. You can also see what is happening inside your house on your phone because the camera comes with wifi connector.

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