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Know your an android phone ip address (internet protocol address) with these three (3) simple steps

Knowing your ip address is very important when you connect your android phone to a wifi (wireless network) of a particular area or surrounding.

Some people are curious to know their phone ip address basically android phone.

Here is the three simple steps required to know your android phone internet protocol address known as ip address.

These are the three simple steps required.

Step 1. On your android phone, go to your phone dialer and dial the following code.

*#*#4636#*#* then click on send.

After that the sample page below will appear

Step 2. After the sample above page has popup, then click on wifi information and the sample page below will also appear

Step 3. This is the last and the final step, click on wifi status as appear above in the sample page then a screenshot of the page below will popup where u will be able to see your ip address.

Three three simple steps above helps to determine the ip address of an android phone basically for some security and potential reasons.

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