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Photos Of Youths Waiting At The Premises Of NDE Office For Employment.

These are collection of photos of Nigerian youths, roaming and patiently waiting at the front gates of National Directorate of Employment. Most of these people are jobless, cos they don't have any work to engaged themselves with as they waste the whole day, waiting for tangible response from office of the National Directorate of Employment. 

 The information of these opportunities went viral on social media, such as WhatsApp messages and Facebook. Everyone urging they love ones to quickly response and reports immediately at any NDE office around them. Personally, I wasn't excepted, i also received my own share of countless messages on my social media. Here's the screen shots of message i also received.

The world is now a global village, of which information's are known to circulates very fast, with the help of social media posts such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Although the authenticity of that SMS has not yet been verified is it's scam message or not. As no tangible response has been heard from relevant concern authorities to ascertain the claims. Reports has it that, a good number of Nigerian youths from various locations are seen at the front premises of National Directorate of Employment, waiting outside patiently, for possible employment and empowerments from the agency. 

 All these came about as a result of post and phone calls announcing empowerments and employment opportunities for Nigerians. It's obvious that information can go viral reaching the unreachable within a blocks of an eye. Such information's from social media needs to be scrutinized thoroughly before passing it out, so that our youths will not be misinform. See some of there photos as they are waiting patiently for job opportunity. 

We also call on the governments to look into this situation and see possible ways our Nigerian youths can be engage into a tangible job. And also the government should address the issues of unemployment rate in the country as its rising tremendously, such matters should be looked into. 

It also worthy of note that most of the people seen there were some degree holders. Some of them are fresh graduates, while some have left schools for long time, searching for employment but to no avail. 

Did you also received that kind of text to your phone ? Please, share your views and opinions on this matter in the comments sections. And please also make out time to share this information as well.  

Content created and supplied by: Goz-man (via Opera News )

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