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Twitter Hacked: See The Total Amount Of Money Hackers Got From Obama, Bill Gates Followers(Photos)

Twitter Hacked: See The Total Amount Of Money Hackers Got From Obama, Bill Gate Followers

Internet fraud has become the order of the day, and so many users of the internet space are continuously susceptible and vulnerable to this fraudulent charges at all time.

In the recent development, Twitter accounts were hacked. Twitter accounts belonging to Top officials were attacked by cyber phrackers. 

Prominent Twitter accounts that were attacked include Accounts belonging to: Barrack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Kanye West, Kim Kadeshian, Whiz Khalifa, and so on.

Vulnerable followers of these hacked accounts were made to wire 1,000 bitcoins each, into the phrackers Accounts as given on the tweets, with the hope to get double cashbacks from the assumed top officials that were hacked.

There is no doubt that most people do not understand how internet fraud works, and the stories with proofs show that about 5500 people fell for the scam and transferred a whooping some of 3 Billion Naira into the hackers accounts through cryptocurrency(Bitcoin).

Reacting to the outrageous event, Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO Twitted that it was a black day for Twitter to experience such scenario, with the promise that they will undergo thorough analytics to understand what other damages were accrued to the hacked accounts.

Before Dorsey's comment, 'Twitter Support Account' was hacked too for trying to create awareness about the conditions that took place, this also made Twitter Team to restrict all verified accounts Worldwide from making tweets throughout yesterday.

In other words, according to Forbes, google, which is one of the most leading Internet Service Providers (ISP) is valued at $101.8billion (£76.2b). This shows that in a global population of 7,346,235,000, according to the current United States Census Bureau of world estimate in 2016. It could be ascertained from the analyses that at least, 75% of the population makes use of the internet, therefore, at least one-third of the internet users are Students, graduates, workers, businessmen or firms who surf the web daily, either for academic materials, job search, blogging or advertisement to reach a massive targeted population and otherwise. This could also be in the form of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other professional accounts like LinkedIn, email, in fact, the list is endless.

This unfortunate experience has continued to penetrate the media space and perhaps left some vulnerable people in agony, which most of them result in depression and suicide at both quiet end.

However, yahoo activities or Internet activities is not new to the world, and especially Nigeria, so many Nigerians have experienced the cold and backlash of yahoo yahoo, internet Fraud, cybercrime or black hat. Most of Nigerians have made a huge living from this indecent activity. They have turned to popularise this ill activities which in turn affects the existence of Nigerian charisma in outside the shore of Nigeria, whereas the countries with heavy cybercrime are on ,'low key'.'

Remembering that a popular Nigerian big boy and before now, highly respected in Dubai Nigerian: Ray Hushpuppi was picked alongside with Woodberry by members of the Federal Bureau of Information (FBI), because of fraud Allegation.

However, if the two were released after the arrest, this recent acts would have been accrued to them, and the two are Nigerians, this also means that Nigerians trade with their charisma without a second thought.

They are also posited as, "lazy youths," meanwhile they are all encompassing. Remembering that Nigerians are doing well too, President Trump awarded a Nigerian scholarship yesterday, for being fluent in speaking 15 different languages, remember that a Nigerian built the fastest computer in the world so far, remember that Apple would not be too successful if they didn't buy the world fastest software from a Nigerian technologist, Chinedu Echeruo.

In the pictures below, I have attached the pictures of the accounts that were hacked and what were written on them, together with replies from few followers who provided screenshots of their payments and transfer.

At the end of the transactions, the hackers scampered away with a whopping 3 billion naira, and this is not traceable.

Content created and supplied by: Ms_Pretty (via Opera News )

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