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10 Common Mistakes You Make That Always Get Your Articles Rejected On Opera News Hub.

Opera news is no doubt one of the best site for getting quality information on what is happening around us and news on basic day to day happenings. The platform has also created room for individuals who have passion for writing. They allow people to write and create contents for their site and pay them for doing it. They pay according to what you give to them in terms of content quality, originality, etc.

However, most of these writers don't know that Opera is not a place for dumping. You have to create original articles and avoid copying other people's content to avoid rejections.

Opera platform is a site for people to get quality information and that is why they only publish original and well informative articles.

If you are currently an Opera news Creator and you always get rejection on your articles, it could be that you are violating or making these common mistakes below.

1. Stop using clickbaits. Most Opera news writers are fond of making this mistake. You probably didn't know that using words such as Surprising, Amazing, Must read, Unbelievable, Shocking, etc in your headlines are one of the mistakes you make that leads to rejection of your articles. Instead of using "See Unbelievable Pictures Of Bobrisky When He Was Male" you can use "See Pictures Of Bobrisky When He Was Male".

However, don't use the word 'SEE' in your headlines if you are not showing what you claim in the title. Your article will be rejected.

2. Most people are fond of using President Buhari's Pictures in fiction, meme or opinion articles. If he had nothing to do with what you are explaining in your article, why use his pictures!!! Doing this will get that article rejected on Opera.

3. You think the stress is too much and then you go to copy other people's articles to post on Opera. Sorry to say but it won't work. It will be rejected for not being original. Take your time to do research, make stories and post your own made articles.

4. Mere posts on social medias such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp that are lifted and talked about in your article will give your content a high risk of it getting rejected. It is most likely to be rejected as fake news.

5. If you don't know the meaning of Fiction, stop using it. There are so many topic ideas to write on. Most writers pose real life stories, real people's pictures or real events as fictions. This is wrong and Opera will reject your article for this.

6. The use of dead body pictures, photos with blood, snakes, strange and scary pictures in your articles will be rejected. Avoid posting disgusting and irritating contents on Opera. We don't want our readers frowning when reading our news.

7. Any article that is on the basis of attacking or downgrading any religious or ethnic group will be rejected. Opera will not publish such articles.

8. If you plan to advertise your business on Opera or promote products on this platform , then be rest assured that any article you post on them will get rejected. Articles with phone numbers are seen as advertisements and they will be rejected.

9. Articles that support that speaks ill and bad about the peace and unity of the country will be rejected and termed as violation of law.

10. Most articles are usually rejected on Opera as a result of excessive spelling and grammatical error. Use simple English and always cross-check the titles and body of your article before submitting.

I'm sure with this, you will be able to write better, more original and informative articles on Opera that will reduce rejections to a minimal level.

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Source: Opera News.

Content created and supplied by: Dinma'sBlog (via Opera News )

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