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5 Things You Can Connect Directly To Your Phone Using OTG Cable

1. Game Controller

You can connect a game pad to your device using an OTG cable to enjoy a better experience with mobile games.

2. Another Phone

OTG can enable you to charge another phone or usb device using your own by making it a host device.

3. Portable Hard Drive

This is the one of the main reasons for OTG capability. Once you connect your flash disk or portable hard drive, the content will be shown on your screen and you can transfer files in and out of them.

4. Camera

If your camera has a USB port, you can connect it directly to your phone in order to transfer photos and make space for more.

5. Microphone Or Sound Card

There are mics with usb plugs for you to plug into your phone as a substitute for the internal mic. You can also listen to music via OTG by connecting a soundcard.

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