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10 Coolest Smartphone Gadgets & Accessories Of 2020

Smartphone gadgets/accessories are small devices or hardwares designed to make the use of smartphones more fun and enjoyable. 2020 may have been the most memorable year for people around the world owing to the lockdown as a result of the pandemic. Even amidst the lockdown, some Tech companies released into the market some of the coolest gadgets and accessories for your smartphones. Some of these devices were designed to run on all Smartphones while others were strictly for iPhone users.

If you are a lover of phone accessories, these are some coolest ones you might just have to check out:

1. HyperSonic X Power Bank with Earbuds

Hypercharge X has an 8000 mAh battery capacity that can charge your smartphone at least twice. It also has a QI wireless charger on one of its surfaces that supports 15W wireless charging this is really useful if you have a phone that supports wireless charging. It has a USB C port for PD charging, a magnetic cable attachment plug and a display that shows you the remaining battery percentage. One of the coolest things that set this battery bank apart from others is the earbuds. The earbuds are directly attached to the power bank itself. The earbuds directly use the juice from the power bank to charge its batteries.

2. Adonit Snap 2 Stylus for Smartphones

This is a unique gadget designed specifically for iPhone users. It combines the precision of a fine point stylus with a Bluetooth camera shutter remote to create the ultimate creative tool for iPhone users. That means, you can Draw, doodle, and write on your phone with precision. The shutter remote makes it easier than ever to control your iPhone’s camera. Instantly take photos with the snap of a button or capture the perfect moment with three continuous shots in Triple Burst mode. This means you can now comfortably hold your phone out front to take selfies. Selfie Lovers, this one is definitely for you.

3. Fingertip 800x Zoom Microscope

Fingertip Microscope is one of the smallest microscopes in the world that could be used with your smartphone. This is exactly like a smartphone lens but the main feature is the 800 times zoom. Using this portable microscope, you can see almost any minute particles which are not at all possible to capture, just by our naked eyes. If you are a science researcher or student, you might have to check this out.

4. IMStick - A Magnetic Smartphone Holder

This is not your regular Smartphone holder. IMStick is a small and yet powerful accessory for your smartphone. IMStick is a smartphone holder that comes with a flexible cable. You can reshape the cable to mount it anywhere you want, be it on a table, on a bicycle, on a car and whatnot. IMStick involves magnetic attachment which means you can place a small piece of a magnetic element under the back case of your smartphone and you can attach your smartphone to the IM Stick pad. Since the whole accessory is magnetic, you can literally use it on any magnetic surface giving it a range of useful use cases. It's the best bet for those who love watching movies on their phones.

5. AUKEY PB-Y25 Wireless Power Bank with 18W Power Delivery

This power bank has a capacity of 8000mAh that can charge a smartphone 2.4 times over on average. This is highly recommended for heavy users such as gamers and also those who are always on the road or journey. No more worries about your phone going off halfway through the trip, get this power bank as a backup plan.

6. POWERUP 4.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane (RC)

Did you ever try to flying a paper airplane or kite while you were a kid? I guess you did, because I did too. Well now you can actually fulfil that childhood dream with this smartphone controlled device that attaches to any paper airplane and allows you to fly it from the ground! That means you can turn a simple paper airplane, or balsa wood or cardboard plane, into a mini-drone. POWERUP 4.0 has an onboard computer/circuit and can function on autopilot. The device also includes a wind stabilizer allowing you to fly in windy conditions as well as a launch assist meaning that even if you throw a bad launch for your flight the onboard computer will stabilize the plane and pull it up safely into flight. Cool, isn't it? I thought so too.

7. Lumicharge LD - Desk Lamp, Wireless Speaker, Phone Charger & More

It can only get better. This lamp is multifunctional. It has a wireless smartphone charger on the top and a swiveling charging port which has USB C, Micro USB and Lightning Port options. The device has a smart RGB light that can be controlled via a mobile app or through google home or Alexa. It also has an integrated wireless speaker that lets you stream any music from your phone. The audio quality is not bad at all, I personally liked it when I tested it out. There are a couple of physical buttons on the lamp that can control volume and stuff like that. Lumicharge LD lamp can have a digital timer but it supports only 24-hour format. You can insert the battery to use it as a wireless lamp/speaker too. This lamp is perfect for home. It's cool for students.

8. Omni 20 Powerbank - Power Anything You Want

Have you ever wanted a power bank that can charge multiple devices at the same time? Here it is. This Power bank provides 230V AC power inlet, so it is not only limited to smartphones and tablets but also laptops. The best thing is the ability to monitor what is going on with the Omni charge. One more important thing is the fast charging capability of Omni 20. And all it takes to charge this power bank is just 3 Hrs.

9. ChargeTech 27000mAh 85W Power-bank

ChargeTech has come up with a unique portable multipurpose powerbank which can charge even laptops along with your mobile phones, tablets, earphones and cameras. The capacity of this powerbank is 27000mAh 85W / 110V and is even approved for Airline travel. It consists of Panasonic and Sanyo lithium-ion battery cells and is safe to use. It comes with intelligent fast charging technology which can deliver 2.4 FULL amps to your devices for rapid charging. Its weight is about 2.5 pounds which makes it portable.

10. CamKix Wireless Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote Control for Smartphones

Camkix makes it possible for you to take pictures without needing to hold your phone with its camera shutter remote control. It is connected via Bluetooth and its range flexibility allows you to move freely. It takes mobile photography to a whole new level and gives an amazing experience.

Now, what are your thoughts? Aren't they cool? Which one of them is the coolest gadgets for you? Feel free to drop your comments in the comments section.

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