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Free skills: How to Create Cartoon Videos, Graphic designs using your Smartphone

Free Skill: How to Create Cartoon Videos, Cartoon images, graphic designs using only your smartphone

First of all, my name is Charles Hananiah A.K.A chaalee, the legal owner of this article. Today, I want to teach you all( MAUTECH students, opera users, 245 barrack pals and any other person interested) how to be more creative using only your smartphones.

Creating cartoon videos and images isn't easy as we all thought. This are skills that can fetch you lots of money using only your smartphone as your working device. This is free, and the article is mainly for business and learning purposes.

There are lots of advantages learning these skills.

Please read carefully till the end, and don't forget to share this article to your friend, brother or sister who truly loves Animations. Share it to others, as I have willingly decided to share it to you all. Thank you.

Table of content

1. 3D Animation

2. 2D Animation

3. Whiteboard animation

4. Animated Text

5. Logo Animation

6 Short WhatsApp links

7. 3D Animation with plotagon story app

8. How to create a cartoon image

9. Graphic designing

10. How to edit your videos using the inshot app

3D Animation

1. Visit

2. After loading the page, click on get started then click on video.

3. Now select your video template/category to 3D and click on create.

4. After that, click on add script. On this page, you will be taken to the page where you can easily add your scripts the way you want it to display.

5. In the course of writing your scripts, note that each sentence represent a scene. Always put a "full stop" at the end of every sentence which signifies the end of a scene.

6. Check your words properly for any typos and proceed with the "generate" option.

7. On the next page, you will be shown the pictorial representation of everything you've written on each scene. You can replace them as well.

8. Make sure you go through all the scenes carefully and thoroughly.

9. Click on the next option at the top of your screen which signifies different options

10. When you get to the music option, select your desired music on the site which will play in the video. You can play music on the site before selecting them.

11. Click the same next option at the top and tap on "free preview."

12. After that, you will be shown the option to download your Animation. Try it, it's free.

2D Animation

Follow the same steps but when you get to the templates, select 2D explainer video.

Whiteboard animation

This is my best part in terms of Animation. I love this part because it is much more easier to couple up the scenes.

Follow the same steps on the 3D Animation and create your lovely whiteboard animation.

After clicking the video option, make sure you click on "whiteboard animation" from the displayed templates. You can now proceed with creating your whiteboard animation.

Animated text video

In this session, you need a different app. Just search for Text Animation on Google playstore.

After installation, open the app and type in what you want to animate. You can only animate one scene at s time, but you can merge these scenes using the inshot app after saving them.

Short WhatsApp link

I see this as a bonus to this business class. It's a way of creating a link with your WhatsApp number. The link redirects the user to your WhatsApp DM where an encoded text of your choice will be displayed to the user, ready to be sent to you.

It's the most easiest to learn. No stress involved

The app's name is: what's up link

3D Animation with plotagon story app

Using this app to create your 3D Animation is a little bit different from the renderForest site.

 Firstly, go to your google chrome browser, download and install the Aptoide app.

This app is just like a playstore where you can download other apps.

 Secondly, open the Aptoide app, search for plotagon story. Install the plotagon story app. 

This app is used for the Animations.

Telling you have w the use the app through this medium will be stressful to me, but you can learn how to use it since it is self-explanatory.

How to create a cartoon image

For the sake of this article, I will only tell you guys the name of the apps. Follow me on opera news to get the next article as soon as I drop it.

The app names are: Autodesk and PicsArt.

Install them and always check on to get a separate article on how to make use of them. Thank you.

Graphic designs

This would also be included in my next article. Get ready to learn more about it.

App's name is PicsArt. Install and get ready.

Note: this article is only for learning purposes and no one is authorized to republish this article for any personal business purposes.

You can go a long way helping me by sharing this article your your friends and family.

For the ones I just highlighted, check on my profile to get more article on it.

Please share this article so as to get more people on this, and also, don't forget to drop me a suggestion, or any other observation in the comments box.

Don't forget to like. That you.

Content created and supplied by: LegalUpdates (via Opera News )

Charles Hananiah A.K.A Free Skill


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