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I Took My GF's Phone, Text Her Best Friend Saying "I'm Pregnant", Her Reply Made Me Faint - Fiction

I Took My GF's Phone, Text Her Best Friend Saying "I'm Pregnant", Her Reply Made Me Faint - Fiction

I think its time ladies stop breaking guy's heart. I refused to believe my eyes when I saw the reply from my girlfriend's best friend, oh ladies keep secret too much. Imagine, I took my girlfriend's android phone, send a text to her best friend saying " Cynthia, I'm pregnant, what should I do, who should I give" and cynthia's reply was the worst thing I ever had before, in fact, I fainted immediately I saw her reply.

Hmm, my girlfriend that was very decent and innocent some years back is now an expert when it comes to relationship matters, this life is not just balanced. I met Mercy some years ago, when I asked her to give me her phone number then, she said no, she said her mother will beat her. I asked her to show me her house she refused, she claimed her father will kill her if she does that. When I tried to calm her down and speak some courage to her, she ran away, she said her mother told her that men are evil that destroys women's life. But today, she's now an expert in relationship matters.

I notice some uneven changes in her behaviour this day, I noticed she no longer pick calls in my presence and her movement seems to be so suspicious. She would tell me she's on the bike coming to my house which is just 5 minutes walk but she will only show up after some hours. Mercy that has never been to naming ceremony before now knows all clubs and bars in our area.

Two weeks ago, she bought iPhone 8+ without working, isn't that suspicious? So I decided to dig to the root of the matter. I asked her if she is currently dating any other buy except me, you need to see how she was crying, she said she had never dated anyone except me, in fact, she rushed inside her from and brig out her Bible, she began to swore if she ever had any boyfriend except me. I knew to ask won't work so I gave her money for subscription who h she jas been asking for.

As she steps out to go get the recharge card for the subscription, I simply pick up her android phone and send a text message to her best friend Cynthia, I said: " Cynthia, I'm in trouble, I noticed my period is yet to come so I test myself and result came out that I'm pregnant, my friend, what should I do now?".

Just as if Cynthia is expecting her text, she replied immediately saying " My friend, there is nothing wrong with getting pregnant, your mate is mothers so don't worry, but the only issue Is who got you pregnant? My advice is don't give to Wale, he is married and he has not give it to Emeka, that guy is too broke. Don't give it to Micheal, he is too local. Don't give it to Ebube, he doesn't like clubbing, You can give it to Joshua, the guy that bought iPhone 8+ for you."

I fainted immediately I saw her reply, I still at home waiting for my girl, oh sorry I mean our girl.

My main pain is that her best friend didn't mention my name, does that mean I didn't make the list of top five?

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