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What you need to know About Choyr

When you hear of Choyr what comes to your mind? Choyr is an app that allows Your church to create its own social network. Members can message each other, post status updates, create groups, and donate to worthy causes. It's completely free to join.

Everything you need for your daily church tasks


Organise events and let your congregation know.

Create an event in Choyr and members can say they’ll be there with one click. There’s no need to manually record who’s attending your upcoming events.

Events can be recurring, and attendees will receive a reminder notification when the event is approaching.


Share photos, videos, and sermons.

We know how important photos and videos are to a community, so with Choyr you can create albums to store as much media content as you like.

Members will be able to access your media content and sermons at any time or place, and will see each new post automatically.


Manage your volunteering requirements.

Create volunteering opportunities and add information about the specific roles you need to be filled. Members can then volunteer to take part and choose which role they want to take.

Church admins can add members manually, which is useful for rota planning and management.

Volunteers will automatically receive a reminder notification close to the time of the volunteering event.


Keep members up-to-date with church news.

Create news articles to keep your members informed about your church. It’s like having your own blog, but it’s easy to use and there’s no additional hassle.

News articles can include photos and links. Choyr even provides hundreds of free photos for you to use if you need some inspiration.


Offer your members advice on specific topics.

Your church can provide great advice, often on sensitive topics. Any member can be a topic’s advisor, so other members can contact them for further, personalised help.

When messaging an advisor, a member can choose to remain anonymous so the advisor doesn’t know who they are, reducing the barrier for them to seek help.

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