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Whatsapp Chats A Mother Read On Her Daughter’s Phone Which You Will Learn From. (Satire)

The beauty of a mother is to see her children growing up with good characters and are well behaved.

Base on a Whatsapp chat a mother saw on her daughter’s phone made me consider the relationship between a mother and a girl child.

Let us start by asking you this question, as a parent (Mother) do you have a good relationship with your daughter such that she could discuss anything with you? Kindly use the comment section below to answer this question.

The relationship between some mothers and their daughters is very poor, to the extent that their daughter confide in their neighbor, friends or an outsider than their mother because their mother will call them names.

One will wonder if mothers ever sit down to think, if the relationship between them and their daughter is at its best.

Some mothers thinks if they are too lenient with their daughter, she will misbehave and they believe they are doing it in their daughter’s best interest. But that’s where the great mistake lies, which may lead to more harm in the future because their daughter will not be able to confide in them.

As a mother, If you don't give your daughter the chance to share her mistake, challenges and pains with you, trust me, you her teaching her not to share critical issues with you. Therefore, it is better for you to be free with your daughter so she can discuss anything bothering her with you.

The screenshots below are the Whatsapp chats a mother read on her daughter’s phone which you will learn from:

Now, Lets imagine you are the mother and you eventually came across this chats on your daughter’s phone, what will be your reaction?

If you read the conversation very well, you will find out that your daughter had some discussion with you before which you called her names because you are the type that don’t understand.

So let us know how you will handle this matter considering that if you are not careful in handling this matter, she might never trust you again and she will forever let you not know her secret.

Drop your comments below and don’t forget to share, like and follow us.

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