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You Should not Let this Olist Giveaway Escape from you Hand, Many People has Grap their Own

Hi everybody

Today, we are going to see <<how some smart people are enjoying there on Olist and making money using Olist giveaway>> leaving us here busy writing to Opera Hub. In My own Opinion; if you are a writer here you suppose to combine the two and you won't regret, but If you are not rather a writer on Opera Hub; you should consider looking further to join.

So, let's come to business:

Nowadays, the illegal platforms for making money online are many and are the majority, so you have to take note of that.

Everyone who really wants to make money online should look for the platforms that are really paying and it is very difficult to do that; those that make a commitment knows that. Isn't it?

I am recently looking for some platforms that are legit (that are really for making money Online) but unfortunately, at the end of the day finding them all scammers that makes their profit by letting people tirelessly working with them and not paying them in the due time.

As I'm about to give-up, I came across some that are legit, I've given them a chance and are paying good. Some of which are:





But For today, lets just talk on the procedures to make money using Olist App and leave the rest for the upcoming Articles.

Click here to join...

What Olist is:

Olist is mainly a platform for Selling and buying things be it Used or New things for free. But recently introduced a Giveaway Campaign that enables users to make their own cash by just inviting new users to their website.


▪︎Olist is a platform Associated with Opera.

▪︎you can browse for free (without data) if your internet provider is MTN Or Airtel within the Olist website or their App.

Click here to join...

How to make money using Olist

As we make mention of it earlier, Olist has a Cash Giveaway Campaign that enables you to make money by just inviting people to their website or App.

For every person you invite; you are going to have 20 Naira.

And guess what? The minimum withdrawal is 150 Naira only. Payment method is Opay.

After joining; you Should copy the invite (a 5 digit numbers). code and paste it where neccessary after downloading the Olist App so that you will achieve the welcoming bonus directly to your Opay account.

copy it... even on a paper... it will be very helpful if you want the welcoming bonus

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