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5 Ways You can Make Money by Taking Pictures with Your Android Phone

To all the photo lovers amongst us (myself included), I bring the good news that you can sell the photos that you take with your Android phone for serious money.

Below are 5 Ways of making money selling photos taken with your mobile device.

I have also added a list of seven photo categories that sell the most. Enjoy.

Adobe Stock

This is the most popular option of selling your photos out there. Adobe Stock, formerly known as Fotolia, has been existing for over 10 years; a website has described Adobe Stock as the prime destination of sellers and buyers of photos. 

Adobe allows you non exclusive access to the photos that you upload for publication, which means that while you wait for a photo to sell on Adobe, you can also upload the same picture to another photoselling platform. They offer the competitive royalty of 33% for pictures, and 35% for videos.

To begin to upload your photos to Adobe Stock, you have to create an Adobe ID. Once that is done, you can visit the Adobe Stock Contributor webpage and immediately start to upload your photos.

Getty Images

Getty Images/IStock is another photoselling platform that can sell photos taken with your Android device.

You can make a lot of money by publishing your photos with Getty Images because their rates are expensive; this may be related to the fact that they demand an exclusive access to your photos - meaning that when you upload a photo to sell on their website, you cannot upload the same image to another platform.

The steps to join include:

  1. Download 'Contributor by Getty Images' from Google Play (or App Store for iPhone users)
  2. Upload 3 to 6 sample images that you took. (You can also upload videos via YouTube links).
  3. The editorial team of Getty Images will review your samples and let you know if you are accepted.
  4. Then, they will send you an invitation to join.
  5. After that, you can upload photos that you took for reviews and sales.

Note that you have to be at least 18 years old to join the Getty Images team of photo contributors.


This website will pay you to upload and sell photos of events that you took. When you attend events like weddings, birthdays, naming ceremonies, or even graduations, you can take photos of the event and upload to Snapped4U.

On Snapped4U, you create your own gallery and upload your photos to it. Then you set the prices of your pictures by yourself.

Snapped4U will sell the images and every first day of a new month, they will send you your money via PayPal. The good thing about Snapped4U is that if your photos sell for a good price, the website will collect only a commission from you.

On Snapped4U, buyers can follow your gallery for newest images for you. The website also provides you statistics and insights into how many people are viewing your photos and how many are buying.


Shutterstock is also a highly popular site for selling your images. Every month, 150,000 pieces of images, pictures and even music are added by the contributors for sale. And there are over 60 million images for sale on the website - all affordably priced. These images are in every category that you can think of.

Shutterstock's submission process is very easy. Just upload a picture and wait for the editorial team to review it. The platform provides statistics covering tamrack earnings, performance and insights into the sales of your pictures.

The platform also has an app that you can download via Google Play - 'Shutterstock Contributor App'.

Visit their website and join.


500px offers you 60% royalty for selling your photos (which is one of the highest royalty rates available). The site already has over 15 million sellers registered.

500px helps new sellers by adding their photos to the Discovery page using a Pulse Algorithm, which helps them get discovered by prospective buyers.

The site has an Android app that you can download.

It also provides you with statistics that you may need to understand how you're selling on the platform.

Photos that sell hugely:

  1. Nature photos: This is an everlasting 'always in high demand' category. People like nature.
  2. People: The photo of anybody stands a chance of being sold - a photo of yourself, your friend, a group at a party, a person or group of people at a cultural festival; any person's photo can sell.
  3. Food: This is also a category that can be sold a lot. So, before you start eating that your nice-looking meal, think of sharing a photo of it first, and earn money doing it! In fact, pictures of empty, unwashed plates (plates that you just finished eating from) can be sold.
  4. People working: A lot of businesses buy photos of people working - people answering phone calls, working on their laptops, in an office, in a meeting.
  5. Tools: You can also sell a photo of your work kit - maybe your makeup kit, or tools for repairing your bike, or car, tools for cleaning, etc. 
  6. Cities: Taking Pictures of beautiful cities and buildings can also be profitable.
  7. Travel: If you happen to an exotic looking place, you can take a picture of it with your Android phone and sell. Even if the place is not so charming, you can make it look charming with your Android phone.


And now we have come to the end of this article. Start selling your Android photos for real money today.

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Stay Safe.

Content created and supplied by: Ella_M (via Opera News )

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