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What Would You do if the Internet Was Suddenly Gone?

Have you sat down to imagine this scenario, what if the internet suddenly disappears?

Internet addiction is a common phenomenon, the old and the young are not exempted as well as the rich and poor. Everyone is addicted to one form of social media or the other. The internet has made the world a global village and practically everyone uses this tool (internet) to stay connected with friends and families around the world.

Aside from staying connected, people also rely on the internet to stay up to date with interesting gist and trending happenings across the globe.

An awesome instrument, isn’t it? The internet I mean.

I once asked a friend of mine what was the one thing he couldn’t do without, I was amazed at his response, can you guess? Well, he said “my phone”. The guy was practically in love with his phone and the internet; he wasn’t even shy of admitting it.

Similarly, I was carrying out a survey for one of my projects about the “girl child” so I asked a girl that lives some blocks away from my house this question “who is your best friend”, she replied bluntly “My Phone.”

At first, I freeze, it was the first time a girl said that. This is to tell you the level at which people value their phones and the internet.

Facebook alone boast of over 1 billion users, the social media giant has continuously worked round the clock in ensuring a smooth user interface. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are still dominating the blogosphere.

Sometimes I wonder; have Mark Zuckerberg stop for a second to think about this question “what if the internet suddenly disappears?” What would become of his investment or should I say hard work.

Have you also thought the same?

I mean, what would you do if the internet was suddenly gone?

It took me a while before I could answer this question, I spend almost all day on the internet, surfing and seeking more knowledge, information, and content. I think for me, it will be difficult, there are so many articles I have written that’s not yet published and I rely on the internet to get these articles to people.

If the internet was suddenly gone, I would probably keep writing and dispatching the articles through the post office.

How about you, what would you do if the internet was suddenly gone?

It’s a billion-dollar question…

Share you opinion, lets get cozy!



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