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Soon many Nigerians will lose their whatsapp accounts

Happening already, many Nigerians have lost their WhatsApp accounts to scammers.

This is very sad and has caused many damages to people lives, jobs, businesses as the scammers uses the account to do dirty things online.

The cause of this from discovery is due to ignorance and lack of knowledge about online security.

Scammers call you and ask for some details about your WhatsApp and the way they sound professional, most of us are eager to give out informations.

WhatsApp introduced a new security measure which can help secure our accounts.


When you set this up, before anyone can gain access to your WhatsApp, they would need a 6 digit code which is know only to you and with this, you are secured.

I have seen situations where even those that have two step verification still give out their codes to this scammers when they call.

It is a secret code and should be known only to you except if it's okay to give out to loved ones or trusted person.

Secure your WhatsApp account today and be alert to strange calls.

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