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Opinion: Why "Road Safety" Site Has Issues

I have written a piece about the so-called “FRSC” recruitment that is going on. I centred that news on the difficulties involved in the registration process.

Too many people have been attempting to gain access to the said website, but they can’t. There are untold reasons why they cannot succeed because it seems like the site’s programming doesn’t go well with their needs. On the so-called website, there are helplines and even an email address.

I first tried out my complaint with the email address. I sent through my complaint, but I didn’t get any reply at all. I then tried out one of the helplines and it went through. One of their agents picked up the call. He asked of my problem and I told him. He didn’t even waste time; he told me that I wasn’t the only one rendering a complaint. He said that they have thousands of such to the extent that they are wondering how to reply all of them.

I got a key answer from the man, which entailed that, the errors being experienced by most people isn’t their fault. The site is having too many issues. The server is extremely slow and incapacitated. It needs to be updated.

I want the “FRSC” to be challenged by this cyber situation. They should be woke and do the right thing. Let them not let those whom they are trying to help to start seeing them as a burden.

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