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The advancement of technology in this epoch would be incomplete without the consideration of some of the amazing gadgets readily available for our use today. These gadgets include mobile phones, high definition (HD) cameras, long term evolution (LTE) enabled laptop computers, and all kinds of sophisticated audio-visual enhancements and accessories for professional use. One of the most influential gadgets/technology products widely consumed all over the world is the iPhone. This smartphone is designed and marketed by Apple INC. All generations of the iPhone use Apple's iOS mobile operating system software. The first generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, and multiple new hardware iterations with new iOS releases have been marketed since. As of November 1, 2018, a total of more than 2.2 billion iPhones have been sold. The letter 'i' behind the -Phone may represent 'internet', 'individual', 'instruct', 'inform' and 'inspire'.

The iPhone market in Nigeria has blossomed magnificently. Nigeria being the most populous black nation of the world receives large imports of new and fairly used iPhones on a daily basis. By careful observation of some demographic studies, one can come to a conclusion that young people constitute a large chunk of the iPhone users in the country and an overwhelming majority are students.

The University of Lagos in Akoka-Yaba with a carrying capacity of over 55,000 students is arguably the students' community with the highest number of iPhone consumption in Nigeria, and even Africa. As a matter of fact, Unilag students are known all over the country for brandishing their iPhones at secular events and inter-school functions. The average Unilag student has a hyper active social media life that is clearly evident in the number of tweets, WhatsApp and Instagram updates, Snap Chat video buzz that pops up on the world wide web at every instance in time. This can be narrowed down specifically to the high influx of iPhones available for five (5) out every possible fifteen (15) Unilag students you come across.

Unilag students are potential brand influencers, media personalities and public relations (PR) experts. An iPhone in their possession makes them equal to the task. Other iPhone users in the Unilag students community are entrepreneurs, models and fast rising music artistes who believe that they can draw more traction to their craft and output by taking high speed pictures that must have passed through the lens of an iPhone.

The iPhone craze has even gotten to a point in Unilag where there is a clear competition amongst students on who is using the lastest iPhone product. He or she, when found with the latest iPhone automatically becomes a celebrity for a while, till other students who feel 'oppressed' or desire to match up with the trend gets the latest iPhone. The iPhone has become a fashion statement for a lot of Unilag girls who have this sort of euphoric feeling each time a guy approaches them for friendship and other benefits. Such a guy might end up getting 'intimidated' and embarrassed if his inferiority complex yields to his inability to own an iPhone.

The iPhone consumption rate will continue to increase in Unilag, with the institution being the most sought after across Nigeria. More and more Unilag students are looking forward to getting their own iPhones so as to increase their social appeal and become more appreciated in the Unilag students community

An Apple iPhone is the UNILAG standard!

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