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3 Simple Steps on how to recover your lost Jamb password.

Hello guys in this article, I will be teaching how to recover your lost Jamb profile password. Some Candidate out there has lost there Jamb profile password maybe they have forgotten or the person who registered them didn't remember to give them their password, if you are part of those then this is right for you.

Your Jamb profile password and email is very important to you, why? because if you are eventually given admission by for preferred Institution then it's what you will need to log in to accept /reject the admission .

The major things you need to log in to your Jamb profile is your email address and your Jamb profile password, please take note that this password is not your email address password.

So here are the three ways to retrieve your Jamb profile password

How to retrieve jamb password with email

How can I recover jamb password with email? Help I forgot my Jamb Profile password

Shall we begin

As at the time you created your JAMB profile either at a CBT centre or by yourself, do you remember that a message was sent to your email address containing your profile creation details.That's what we are going to look for right now 

This message contains your name, date of birth and password.

To retrieve your password using this method, 

  • Step 1 - login to your email address 
  • Recover lost jamb password with email
  • Step 2 - go to the search box, just like the one in the picture below 
  • Restore jamb password via email
  • Step 3 - search for "jamb registration " You'll see something just like the picture below 
  • Retrieve jamb password
  • Step 4 - After youve gotten your details, go back to jamb portal and input it

What if you have forgotten your email password

  • Login to
  • Jamb forgot email password
  • Click on forgot password 
  • Then you will be asked for the last password you remember.. 
  • Its really easy... You can successfully get your account back 
  • If it's successful you will see something just like the picture below
  • Recover jamb password

How to retrieve/reset jamb password from jamb portal

This method doesn't work every time but you can use this method to recover your jamb password through jamb portal.

  • Visit the JAMB eFacility login site.. or (during the COVID-19 pandemic.. Jamb now uses 
  • After getting there, you'll see forgot your password click here to reset.. Click on it 
  • Enter the email address and the date of birth you filled in during registration and click on “Get password reset link“.
  • Reset jamb password
  • login to your email account and click on click on the reset link (If you don’t see the message in your inbox, also check your spam mails).
  • The reset link will redirect you to the JAMB portal and ask you to choose a new password. Do that and login to your account using the password you newly created.

Can you see how easy it is?

Now if you couldnt successfully recover your Jmab password using Jamb portal... Then you have to try the last option..

How to retrieve your jamb password via sms

To reset your jamb password using sms.. You need to send "PASSWORD email" to 55019 using the phone number you used to register for Jamb..

e.g Password [email protected]

After that you will recieve a message looking like this

Important notice: after completing the steps above, you may receive a message telling you “We are sorry, the page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or had processing error or is temporarily unavailable.”. Please do not worry about this message. Just go ahead and check your email inbox for the password reset link.

If you have any question please kindly drop in the Comment box and don't forget to like and share this article because it can also be useful to your friends/relations as you the reader as find it's usefulness..

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Content created and supplied by: Max_Einstein (via Opera News )



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