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Articles with stories from individual Facebook pages or groups will no longer be published on the Hub

This is to notify our esteemed writers that henceforth articles with stories picked from random individual Facebook pages or groups will no longer be published as news content on the Opera News-Hub.

In recent times we've had too many cases of individuals and group owners who have reached out to complain about how the content/pictures/story posted on their personal Facebook page or Facebook group is published on the Hub by writers without their permission/consent.

An example of such private content published by a Hub creator can be seen below...

Such content is very personalized and even as an author you feel the need to publish their story on the Hub, you must request the permission of the publisher of the content and await their consent before posting on the Hub.

Also, there are cases of fake/false stories from the popular social networking site, most of these stories happen to come from individuals or group pages whose source cannot be verified. The only instance where news content from Facebook can be published on the Hub is only if it’s trending news/gossip that was first published on Facebook.

It is important for our esteemed authors to note that articles that violate this rule will be rejected as DAMAGES and over time may lead to account suspension.

To reduce "copyright materials" to the barest minimum, authors need to have a proper understanding of the definition and review specifications of such content on the Opera News Hub platform.

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