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4 Reasons Why Phone Apps Crash

1. Incompatibility

This mostly happens if you are downloading an apk from a third party site. The app may have been designed too work with an earlier or later version of your Android operating system. When this happens, the app may install normally but fail to open, or it may totally refuse to install.

2. A Bug In The App

A bug is an error in an application on the part of the developers. Most of an app might be working perfectly but hangs or crash if you try to access some places.

3. Low RAM

If your phone has a low Random Access Memory, it may not be able to carry graphics intensive applications and games. In most cases of the RAM running out, the application does not crash but just freezes and makes you stop it yourself.

4. Network Issues

This happens in apps that hugely require your cellular network to function. If you don't have a strong enough network connection, the app may be working just fine but the part that requires a steady network will keep crashing.

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