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6 ways to get paid for using the Internet

While we keep lamenting over lack of jobs, many people with no special talents have taken their own destinies into their hands doing their hobbies. Do you love making jokes? Or do you enjoy playing games? Maybe your own way of using the social media is posting pictures. All of these and many more can be used to get yourself paid.


YouTube channel owners have opportunity to make money while creating their favourite video shows through YouTube ads. Comedians, online tutors, musicians, footballers, gamers can all leverage the most popular video sharing website. Top Nigerian Youtubers like Mark Angel make high income with their videos.


Instagram influencers are no-new people to us and you can just be one of them. If you have been using Instagram to post to your favorite pictures and videos while not take it to the next level by branding yourself. Start posting quality pictures and videos that people would want to see. Connect to the right set of people that buy your idea. 

Instagram can be just for anybody so far you know how to post pictures and videos (and I doubt you don't)


Who doesn't use Facebook these days. From 119 year old grandma to 13 young boy or girl, everyone is falling in love with the platform. Don't let your time on Facebook get waste. Start making money on Facebook by joining a group or page as an admin and also market your products. One thing to note here is not to trying pushing your products. Don't go to some one group and start advertising, you may get blocked. Instead contribute to the group contents in a valuable way. People will notice you and from there you can make valuable contact.

Opera News Hub

Nothing surprising here. Content creators, including myself, are paid for making rich content for you guys to read. Like every other platform, there are guidelines and regulations to follow, but when you have passion for writing you shouldn't have any problem following the rules. The point is don't just try writing because other people are doing it, get yourself to becoming a writer first, then follow your passion.


Like Opera News Hub you can write and earn money. But unlike Opera, you have to just Medium Partner Program to make your articles eligible to make money. The reason is because Medium have a pay wall for readers, which means the readers have to pay a certain amount to enable them read on its platform. 


Graphics designers and artists can make money on dribble much like Fiverr. The difference is Dribble is a network of people which makes it for easier for your work to get across to people. Connect with the right people and make quality designs, then see how much you can make from simply doing your you enjoy. 

Last words

Don't just sit at home going through your favourite influencer profiles, clapping for them for taking their bucks. Join in the force and make an upturn life. 

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