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If You Are Using Internet, Then This Is For You

Technology is used within us, industries, factories, homes and so on. Technology is a scientific knowledge used in practical ways in designing new machines and very important in the world wide without technology the world could have been something else but misused of it turns to be anything else. Technology has changed or changing the way children think. In the new special project, Legit. Ng together with jiji gathered the advantages and disadvantages of using gadgets by children, different physical and mental Health consequences, as well as a list of gadgets kids can safely use at every age.

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Some parent is against their children who use gadgets while some people safely hand over smart phones and tablets to their raging toddlers. A child with only mobile games, senseless kids YouTube shows, and personal tick to profile isn't the best way to raise a child. On the hand, total digital deprivation can create particular difficulties in the life of your child.

 Below are the few lists of the negative effects of technology.

1. Causes sleep disorders

2. Reduces school performance

3. lack of focused 

4. Decreases self soothing

5. Reduces social skills 

6. Becomes a reason for multiple physical problems.

 Positive effect of technology

1. Help during learning 

2. Enhances multi tasking skills

3 Improves visual spatial orientation

4. Encourages problem solving skills

5. Develops digital skills needed in future.

 The question is not whether children should use technology for their learning Rather, what, when, where and how they use it.

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Internet Ng This Is For You


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