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Beware Of Scammers:They Are Everywhere, I Was Duped On Facebook As They Proved So Real.

Fraudsters and scammers these days utilize social media platforms as tools of getting their victims; most especially facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and twitter. 

I came across a business page on Facebook which deals with agricultural products and services.They will convince you with their testimonies on the platform which I do believe they all work together and within days of your conversation,one will subscribe by paying into their account details which you will never get the products,here is one of their mouth watering offers as they are professional scammers:

Do you want to start a foodstuffs business in Nigeria, Do you require a comprehensive help/advice on how & were to buy the following foodstuffs item as a wholesale in Nigeria and every detail information that may be needed to succeed in your new career.

1. Tubers of sweet white Yam 

2. Original mangara fish

3. Original Cart-fish 

4. Original red oil

5. Original white & yellow garri

6. Stock fish Ear,head,whole body etc, 

7. Cow Skin (Kpomo)

8. Dry crayfish

9. Original grinded Pepper (ose okpo)

10. Fresh red pepper

11. Dry bitter leaf (Onugbu)

12. Bitter kola

13. kola nut

14. Ogbono 

15. Egusi (Melon)

16. Dry ugu leaf (vegetable)

17. Shea butter also known as Ori 

18. Big Snails ETC.

Please i advice that we're here to help you start your scale business and help you grow it to the next level, kindly contact us via 

Tel: 0 8 0 3 4 7 4 2 8 4 4.

Whatsapp: 0 8 0 3 4 7 4 2 8 4 4.


#Staysafe #Stayhealthy

I have details of few accounts these scammers and fraudsters used on Facebook for you not to fall victim as I did

Adebisi Adebayo Foods

Oron sea foods

Naija sea foods

Esthy seafoods market

Molar food and sons.

They chatted me in WhatsApp with oron esthy foods which later gave me the account number and I sent the money and couldn't get any product. Here is the WhatsApp chat.

Please beware of these Scammers because they will prove been real.

God bless you.

Content created and supplied by: amedos01 (via Opera News )

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