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Forget Inspector Gadget, see powerful Apps you should have on your Android phone.

Here are some useful Apps you can download to your Android photo.

1. Copytext: It is use to covert photo with text to full text. You can even snap your book and use the app to convert it.

It understands languages like Arabic etc, just change it in its setting.

2. Remote Mouse: It turns phone to mouse; you can type, switch off, copy from your phone to PC (sometimes I write in my phone, copy it and then paste it in the app. The app will be typing it by itself till the end). You can sit down from afar and still have control of your pc in your palm.

Download it in Google Store.

Download it to your pc by type remote mouse exe.

Then turn on your phone's Hotspot and PC Wifi.

3. Airdroid: This represents USB, except it cannot charge. It serves as wireless connection between PC and Phone; every file in the phone will be easily viewed, played and downloaded, even everything in the phone Clipboard could be paste into the system.

Download it on Google play, turn on your hotspot, make sure they are connected, go into the app in your phone, check the IP ADDRESS, type the ip. into the browser (opera/firefox/...). Pop up will show in your phone, the press yes to start.

4. Mynote: This is used to write book, article, poems etc. Even, if your phone dies down suddenly, your write ups will still be there.

And you can cloud save your write ups.

5. Eshare: To connect phone with Smart Android TV. You can watch and listen to any lecture in your phone via TV even read files.

6. Grammarly: Though its size is somehow huge, yet very good at least to correct spellings, punctuations, grammar etc in your write ups.

Just make it your keyboard and see its works. Though it is network dependent.

Download it on Google Play

7. PDF to WORD: It perfectly converts any pdf to word for free though you will wait for an hour.

For quick conversion, you will need to buy it.

8. Photomath: This app can solve demonic math and will shows all workings and used equation. Can also plot graph and many more.

You have the option of typing or snapping the question.

Whenever I don't know way out in the class, i will just open my phone and snap. And Wow...

It simply saves time.

Download it on Google Play.

Content created and supplied by: Abdull_dev (via Opera News )

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