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Protect your Instagram account from Hackers with these Tips

Most influencers and business owners are scared of waking up one morning and finding out that their Instagram account has been hacked. Imagine so many years building your brand online or after getting customers and business sales online with lots of loyal followers and you discovered that you cannot access or login to your account again. This is very heartbreaking but don't worry because I would be sharing some security tips for protecting your Instagram account from hackers.

1. Use a Strong Password: This is the main security tip. Instagram advises users to use password with 'at least 6 characters, with numbers and symbols or punctuation marks'. But security experts recommend using at least 8 characters.

Why is using a strong password vital? One of the major ways hackers attack an account is by guessing passwords. 

2. Turn on Two-Factor Authentication: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security feature available on most social media platforms to protect you account completely which users neglect.

After using a strong password, I would advise you to turn on 2FA. If Two-Factor Authentication security feature is turned on, you would be asked to enter a special code or a code sent to your mobile number whenever someone tries accessing your Instagram account from a device not recognized. But the fun part is that any time you forget your login password, this feature provides you with a list of backup codes you can use to access your account anytime.


1. Go to your profile.

2. Click on Settings.

3. Tap security 

4. Click on Two-Factor Authentication and then 'Require security codes'

3. Logout from every suspicious Third-party Apps: Apps or websites that helps users like, comment, follow and unfollow are examples of a Third-party Apps.

These are also apps and websites that you grant access to your account, which go against Instagram terms and conditions. To manage your Third-party Apps, Open your Instagram profile on desktop computer > tap on the Settings button > Click on 'Authorized Apps'.

A list of all the apps that have authorization to your account would show. Click the 'Revoke access' button to remove any app that you find suspicious. NOTE: Not all third-party apps are harmful as far as it goes by Instagram policy. Examples are buffer, Ninjalistics.

4. Make sure you logout from any device that is not yours.

5. Don't share your password with people you don't trust.

6. Don't click on any link from an untrusted or unknown user.

In conclusion, by taking these security measures your account would be safe from hackers. So it is time to sleep without the fear of losing your account to hackers. 

Is there any security tip that wasn't mentioned? Let me know in the comment section.

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