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Google forms: Warning to Nigerians: New method scammers are allegedly using to get bank details.

Introduction :

Are you just getting started with Google Forms? Never heard of it before? Either way, here are some tips to help you get going with Google’s powerful form tool and start building surveys and forms online for free.

What Is Google Forms?

If you already know about Google Forms, feel free to skip ahead. If you don’t, here’s the crash course. We’ll go over the basics, and get you brushed up on what Google Forms is and how you can start using it right away.

Google Forms lets you collect information from people via personalized quizzes or surveys. 

You can then connect the info to a spreadsheet on Sheets to automatically record the answers. 

The spreadsheet then populates with the responses from the quiz or survey in real-time. This makes Google Forms one of the easiest ways to save data directly into a spreadsheet.

The New Trick:

Google has become a very important part of our lives. Each day we use one or the other application or services offered by Google. It offers various services to people and is popular across the World.

As a lot of people use the technological giant's applications and services, it has become a target for cybercriminals to make quick money according to findings

Onces you consent to this message, s or form, your banking apps may be reset and your money may be withdrawn.

Be warned as your bank will never send a message to you demanding your details through a form online.

With Google Form, one can collect information from users by carrying out surveys and quizzes.

Fraudsters are misusing this feature to collect personal information. This information is used to carry out a fraudulent transaction.

Be Security Alert :

To be safe, report any suspicious activities on their account to the nearest branch of your financial institutions and note also that your pin is your lifeline, do not share it with anybody.

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