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Life style:Amazing ways to get rich on YouTube

The world most Viral and reliable online video streaming platform YouTube has created a platform inwhich it's audience generate funds through posting of Viral video contents which can attracts the views of interested viewers. being a YouTuber is one of the surest and legitimate way of becoming a billionaire through the internet,all you have to do is to scroll till the end of this special article,as we enlighten and educate you on the amazing ways to get rich on YouTube.

First and foremost you have to get a YouTube app,and YouTube studio app installed in your device if you don't have one,then you practically processed to creating your own YouTube channel.if you have an active Google account then you can proceed in the channel creation ,when you have successfully created your channel you can now upload that Viral content which will attract lots of subscription,watch time .for you to start earn money on YouTube you have to reach the minimum of 1000 subscribers,and 4500 minutes watch time.

When you have reached the minimum you can now register under Google Adsense and link it to your YouTube channel and start making money can generate up to $50000 per 10000 subscribers . Depends on how attractive your contents are to your viewers. the YouTube studios app is for your channel management,you can see your progress and monitor your channel through it .

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