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3 things every social media users should do now to avoid what happened to high-profile US figures

3 things every social media users should do now to avoid what happened to high-profile US figures

This time around, there are different formats many online fraudsters are using to hack into people's social account to scam others to make money to themselves.

I decided to write this based on what recently happened to most of the US high-profile figures (Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos etc) twitter account. 

Recall that “hackers gained access to dozens of high-profile accounts to tweet links to a Bitcoin scam, asking followers to send Bitcoin and promising they’d send double the amount in return” according to the news report.

I felt so concerned after reading the incident and decided to share this knowledge about what people should do now to protect their social media account against any further attack that may occur ahead of time. 

Thus, the attack on those aforementioned high-profile US figures isn't only limited to them, it can happen to anyone else at any possible time if cares aren't taken. So you've to be very vigilant with your account and learn to stay save online or limit the cause of damages that may cause by facial identify thieves or hackers through online close connections.

Without any further delay, below are the 3 possible ways to protect your accounts...

1. Learn to change every of your account passwords online anytime you hear of a hack attack:

Just like what recently happened. Hackers often dive into the victim's friend list account to check collect some vital information that will enable them to attack/ hack the person's account to achieve their common goals, if the person's password is very weak or hasn't been changed for very long time.

2. Monitor your accounts regularly, most especially, your email:

How often do you remember to check your email messages?

Email records every single activities that happens in your account demanding for any changes to access your account.

If you go months without checking your Email, there could be a lot of phish activities on your account from strangers you may not be aware of the activities they perform in your account by someone who has stolen or trying to steal your account identity.

Get into the habit of checking your Email and reject some activities that you're not aware of. 

3. Always use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when you're using public Wi-Fi to browse on the network.

VPN helps to secure your online connection on a public place like library, hotels etc where there is an availability of free Wi-Fi. Using public Wi-Fi to browse without a VPN can be a threat to your online security, it means that someone else can easily access your private device without your knowledge to steal everything they needed to attack you in future or instantly.

Utter your views in the comment section and Share to others as well to get inform.

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