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See the method Of producing free electricity with magnet and copper wire

Most of the world greatest technology cannot function without a magnet. All our electrical devices has magnet in it. Such as speakers, phones, radio, television etc.

Today we are going to learn how to use magnet to build free energy source.

This is what we are going to build

All what we need to make this project a successful one.

Magnet ( south pole), copper wire, bulb, wood.


Cut the wood to rectangular or square shape, the wood serves as the base .

.The attach the magnet to both ends of the, doing this is to allow the flow of magnetic field in the center of the magnet.

. Attach the copper wire to the bulb

Then,Connect the copper wire to each magnet, but it doesn't bring out electricity, then try an interchange the wire. The current will not be constant, it will sometimes be full or low, to get a better result try using a bigger magnet, this will increase the performance of the project.

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