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Prevent Stalkers And Strangers From Viewing Your Facebook Profile By Simply Locking It, Here's How

I really understands how it feels when you start receiving spams on your account, Or people even using your profile as the main topic, like using screenshots of your profile's bio to make trending topics that really makes one feel really insecure,thats why facebook took into consideration their important users and introduced the "🔐 PROFILE LOCK" .

Meaning you have the ability to make sure only your friends have the ability to access your account, the big brains begin facebook has made sure that screenshots and even video recording of your profile can't take place, it's seems too good To be true(,ill be posting a video concerning how I wanted to screenshot the profile of a user who locked his account it went blank).

Meaning stalkers and Strangers won't be able to check your photos and other important information about you like your date of birth, the pages you've lied your interests e.t.c.

How To Lock Your Profile

Open your facebook app, and go to your timeline, check the list under tagging and friends I'll see the lock profile options..

Or better still go to help and support and input "Lock profile" the third or fifth options would give a link ,with option 🔗( Lock Your Profile ^) Click on it and you'll see the option for you to turn Off or On the ability.

NB- it isn't available in every country, if it isn't available in yours ,

You can use the "Privacy Settings " ,to access that you'll have to ,open your Facebook app, then under the menu section you'll see "Setting" Click on that and you'll see the Privacy Settings.

Privacy settings is better because you'll have the ability to country who sees your profile,posts and even you facebook stories even with those among your friends

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