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See how to build a remote control robotics with Arduino board and control with your smart phone

You can now built a mini robotics with low cost budget. Robotics can be in any form either moving with wheels or foot.

To make this project a successful one, get all this material listed below from electrical store

Arduino board : is an open source electronics platform based on easy to use hardware and software.

2) DC motor : it make use of battery to function. We are going to make use of 4 raptors in this project.


5) Battery

Follow this steps to get a successful result in the project

Cut the wood into rectangular shape, this wood will serve as the base of the project.

Attach the DC motor at each ends of the wood

Then attach the four wheels to it and place the arduino board at the center.

Attach each motor wires to the arduino board and also your 12v battery to it.

The arduino has a USB port connect it into your computer and copy and paste the programming language.

Download the app on your smart phone and start controlling the project with your phone.

Stay tune for new project

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Arduino DC


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