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Social Media Abbreviations And Their Meanings

Social media has evolved from being just something talked about to being a community with real people and real issues. There are different forms - from 2go, to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and many other uncountable ones. Employers have also begun to take social media serious by asking for the social media handles of their employees, and going through their activities there. 

Some abbreviations used on Social Media are : 

- Lol : Laugh out loud 

Used when a situation is very funny 

- Lmao - Laughing my ass out. When something is very funny. 

- Roftl - Rolling on the floor laughing

- Rotflmao - Rolling on the floor, laughing my ass out

- Smh! Shaking my head/Somehow 

When something is too absurd or weird to believe

- Wth - What the Hell! 

When something is too grave 

- Kmt - Kiss My Teeth 

When someone says this, they know what a person is saying, is not true or they're being sarcastic. 

- Pfft - used to dismiss what someone has said 

- RN - Right now

- Brb - Be right back

- ASAP - as soon as possible 

- Ff - following

- Talmabout - Tell me about...

When someone makes an unnecessary excuse or unnecessary saying or saying something that is outrightly silly. 

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