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30+ Pictures Of The New iPhone 12 Pro Max - See The Review, Price And Launch Date.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max Launch Date, Review and Price.

iPhone is a smartphone designed by Apple Inc, it makes use of iOS operating system. Apple released its first ever smart phone on January 9, 2007 by Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple Inc. Since the first release of iPhone 3, several new iPhone models has been manufactured and released into the market and about 2.2 billion iPhones has been sold globally.

Size, Shape And Looks Of iPhone 12.

The iPhone 12 May come in four modeled just like the iPhone 11. We are expecting a normal iPhone 12 which will have a 6.1 inch screen, iPhone 12 max which wil also have a 6.1 inch screen as the iPhone 12 pro. Then we will expect the iPhone 12 pro max to have a 6.7 inch screen.

The iPhone 12 will come in assorted designs that is similar to iPad Pro, with some designs of the old iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. Imagine iPhone 5 possessing 4 cameras at the back. It will definitely be a rare gem for small compact phone lovers.

The new iPhone 12 will be the biggest smart phone that Apple has ever release, with the 6.7 inch screen.

Also the camera expected at the back of iPhone 12 will be 4 in numbers which will possess a 48 MP main lens , ultra wide angle, telephoto lens and time of flight depth sensor.

The Release Date Of Iphone 12.

We expected the new iPhone 12 in the market by the end of May 2020, but due to the covid-19 the decision of the release was postponed. However Apple may delay the iPhone 12 release until 2021.

Estimated Price Of iPhone 12.

The normal iPhone 12 will cost $649, while the iPhone 12 max will cost $749, the iPhone 12 pro will cost $999 and lastly the iPhone 12 pro max will cost $1,099.

iPhone 12 Screen Type, Processor and Other Features.

The iPhone 12 will have a processor of A14 for all models, with OLed screens. It will come with a 5G and Sub 6G Hz compatibility. The battery strength is estimated to be 2,227 mA. While the frames of the iPhone 12 models will aluminum and stainless steel.

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